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A Fijian Summers Day Trip

A Fijian Summers Day Trip

Over the past holiday I have had some enchanting adventures through the islands of Fiji. Leleuvia being one of the highlits as it is a very small island offering crystal clear waters and golden sand that most could only dream of seeing.

Picturesque at its best

The entire journey was an experience in itself, the car rides from Suva (Capital) took us through sugarcane fields providing opportunities not only to take amazing pictures but to envelope ourselves with the local farmers. They were far from shy and some of the friendliest people you’d hope to encounter, and happily providing us guidance on how to reach the Levuka river we set off on the dirt roads of Viti Levu.

The cuddy cabin boat arrived shortly after us with three very cheerful and excited staff members to load us on and take us up the river to this little piece of paradise.

A 35 minute boat ride with the beautiful morning sun and calm waters took us through the historically prominent cultural mantels where chiefs and their families resided. Coming up to these islands it was a sign of respect for passing through, the boat slowed down and we were informed to remove our hats. As we did so the children of these small islands run right up to the waters edge cheering and providing us with the most welcomed greetings and warmest smiles. We waved back with just as much excitement and couldn’t contain our joy for what we had in store for us.

A warm and inviting atmosphere

Pulling up to Leleuvia the waters became clear with beautiful, colourful fishies greeting us at the docks. It was a surreal encounter as we walked down the deck way towards the golden sand, it was as though these little guys (and gals) lead the way stopping just as the water gently touched the shore.

The people of the island welcomed us with smiles and toured us around the activities offered by the resort. A picturesque restaurant sits at the water’s edge, offering a range of activities such as snorkelling, paddle boarding, diving, fishing, surfing and the list goes on.

We had only planned for a day trip which still provided a cosy traditional bure for leisure which was actually super useful, by 2PM we were worn out by all the activities and summer heat.

I wish there was an opportunity for us at the time to stay the night, as the food was locally prepared and divine, and I couldn’t have even imagined the sunsets and sunrises against the stunning water and striking coconut trees silhouettes.


A sad departure and off we went, headed back to base camp, Australia. I am currently studying in Australia and would love to experience everything it offers. If any of you supportive readers were thinking of a destination whilst reading this let me know in the comments below. I am always keen for the next adventure.